Slopey Pods

Slopey Pod 2.15m

Slopey Pod 2.15m

The Slopey Pod brings comfort and privacy to a new level. With a focus on natural light, it allows you to work in a quiet, climate-controlled room whilst enjoying the serenity of the sky above you. Each sky office is designed for outdoor and indoor use.

Length: 2.15m
Width: 2.15m
Height 2.2m



Flat pack Office Pod working pods are a great way to add extra practical and useable space at home. Even our smallest garden rooms make for the perfect single person office, garden pod or den – and are much more spacious than you might think.

Contains: Ventilation Fan, RV Windows, Internet Socket and Socket (water proof), internal sockets, LED lighting, switches, light belt, insulation layer.

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