Classic Granny Flats Eco Home can be built as a 2 or 3 Bedroom unit with a large floor space of 10m x 7m.

Classic Granny Flats have kept the Passive Solar conscious in mind with this modern design. The roof and ceiling can be orientated to make the most of the large eaves shading the windows while making the most of the solar benefits and ventilation.

All that aside the Eco Micro – Home looks fantastic with its large lined eaves on the front and side giving a huge platform for the installation of Solar Panels. Rainwater Tanks could also be installed to provide drinking or irrigation water assisting the home in its self – reliance and reducing the need for energy use.The Eco Micro – Home comes standard with a 140mm thick polystyrene core colorbond Roof Ceiling Panel with another layer of thermal break insulation above the cavity plasterboard ceilings.

This home comes with the large standard feature kitchen with breakfast bar as well as cooktop and range-hood. A linen cupboard robes and Pantry all standard in this design. . The corner unit also includes a Polyurethane integrated insulated exterior cladding product which is fixed to an Australian made Bluescope steel frame system with Bulk Batts Insulation giving the required R-Value to comply with a 6 star energy rating. An Insulated Panel Roof with Australian made Bluescope steel is also standard.

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